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Where to Eat on a Budget in Sorrento

Inexpensive eateries in Sorrento

Where to Eat on a Budget in Sorrento

There is a vast selection of places to eat in Sorrento, including restaurants, cafès, gelato shops, pizzerias, and pubs. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best spots to dine at in the center of Sorrento where you can eat well on a budget.

If you have your own trasportation, we recommend driving through the areas of Colli di Fontanelle, Colli di San Pietro, Casarlano, and Sant'Agata sui Due Goli...all are full of restaurants and traditional trattorias which are far from the tourist crowds and often have a more authentic atmosphere than those in the center of Sorrento.

Pizzerias in Sorrento

A good option for an inexpensive dinner is pizza, and there are a number of excellent traditional pizzerias in Sorrento. Here are some of the most well-known:


This is the pizzeria owned by Antonino Esposito, a celebrity pizzaiolo who often appears on Italian television. The pizzeria is located inside the bowling alley on Via Sant’Antonino. Try “la frusta sorrentina”, his signature dish.

Da Franco

Just a few steps from Piazza Angelina Lauro, this pizzeria makes "pizza by the meter", perfect if you are dining with a group of family or friends. The waiter will ask how many servings you want and your favorite toppings, and you will be served one long pizza cut into slices which are divided by topping. There are 16 slices of pizza per meter, which is enough for about 4 hungry people. The atmosphere is casual, with plastic tableware, shared tables, and fast service.

La pizza a metro

The capital of "pizza a metro" is the small town of Vico Equense, which is easy to reach by Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento. The famous "Università della Pizza", otherwise known as "Da Gigino - Pizza a Metro", is located here, considered the best pizza by the meter around.


This is a branch of the famous pizzeria in Naples, and has just recently opened in Piazza Lauro under the portico. They serve classic Neapolitan pizza.


This spot began as a simple gelateria, but has added a pizzeria in their historic located at the beginning of Corso Italia. They serve Neapolitan-style pizza with a number of unique and gourmet toppings. Highly recommended!

Sandwiches in Sorrento


This spot in Piazza Angelina Lauro makes excellent sandwiches prepared with local ingredients. You can choose from their sandwich menu or order a custom sandwich made fresh.

Inexpensive Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Sorrento

Da Emilia

This historic restaurant is in the fishing village of Marina Grande, and you will recognize it easily by its bright blue and white checked tablecloths. You can order a platter of fried seafood and fish or a generous serving of spaghetti with clams and spend less than EUR 20-25.

Local Cuisine

La Cantinaccia del Popolo

Locals love this restaurant for its meat dishes, but there are also good pasta dishes, charcuterie, and cheeses. A rustic atmosphere and great prices!

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Restaurants in Sorrento

Food & Drink

Restaurants in Sorrento

All the information you need to dine out in Sorrento

Cafés and Bars in Sorrento

Food & Drink

Cafés and Bars in Sorrento

From cappuccino to draft beer, the best cafès, bars, and pubs in Sorrento.

Romantic Restaurants in Sorrento

Food & Drink

Romantic Restaurants in Sorrento

A dinner by candlelight overlooking the Bay of Sorrento? Here are the best restaurants for a table for two!


L'Antica Trattoria

Elegant restaurant in the center of Sorrento with tables under the pergola

+39 081 8071082

Inn Bufalito

A variety of dishes featuring local buffalo mozzarella and traditional specialties

+39 081 3656975

Bagni Sant'Anna

Creative cuisine served on a pier jutting out over the sea

+39 081 8074178

Ristorante Tasso

Modern, upscale cuisine and excellent pizza near Piazza Tasso

+39 081 8785809


Great sandwiches with local products and craft beers

+39 08118512149

Accénto Restaurant

Trendy and contemporary: traditional cuisine with a creative twist

+39 081 878 5216

Da Emilia

Generous portions of traditional fish and seafood recipes in the fishing village of Marina Grande

+39 081807 2720