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Bus Schedules Rome - Sorrento

The Marozzi bus line runs directly between Rome and Sorrento in 4 hours. Buses arrive and depart Piazza Tiburtina in Rome.

MAROZZI Bus Schedules Rome - Sorrento

Route: Sorrento - Rome

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  1. Sorrento (Stazione)
  2. Vico Equense (Piazza Kennedy)
  3. Castellammare di Stabia (Viale Europa)
  4. Roma (Stazione Tiburtina)
6:00 17:00
6:15 17:15
6:30 17:30
9:45 21:00
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Bus Information Rome - Sorrento

  • Tickets can be purchased at the Rome Tiburtina station, in travel agent offices in Sorrento, and online at the Marozzi website.
  • Tickets cost EUR 19.
  • The ride takes about 4 hours.
  • There is no bathroom on board, but the bus stops at a rest stop along the way.
  • The Tiburtina train station can be reached from locations around Rome by subway.
  • The bus stops at a few towns before Sorrento, like Sant'Agnello, Piano di Sorrento, Meta, Vico Equense, and Castellammare.