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Guided tours in Agerola
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To infinity and beyond...along the breathtaking trails high above the Amalfi Coast!

  1. Plan customized walking and hiking itineraries
  2. Discover the breathtaking and little-known countryside surrounding the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento
  3. Take guided hikes with local insiders

Why choose Cartotrekking in Agerola

Explore the most breathtaking and scenic walking and hiking paths along the Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula, far from the tourist crowds and along unforgettable, personalized itineraries with Cartotrekking.

Twenty years of passion for Italy's nature, art, and coastline: the Cartotrekking team is specialized in planning and arranging walking and hiking itineraries in the most beautiful stretches of the Bay of Naples and Salerno, with the goal of introducing visitors to the lesser-known side of Italy's southern coast.

Walking in Paradise

Michele, Giovanni, and Marco, experts in ecology, forest botany, and geology, lead walkers along the most interesting paths in this beautiful area of the Region of Campania, including the famous Walk of the Gods, Furore Fjord, Valley of the Mills, Sanctuaries of Lattari Mountains, Trail of the Forts, and Vesuvius' Valley of Inferno. These are just some of the unforgettable itineraries offered by the team at Cartotrekking.

Contact Cartotrekking to begin planning your personalized walking or hiking itinerary with our experts. We'll also provide custom maps of the route and stops along the way.

For an Active Vacation

If you love active vacations, Cartotrekking can also arrange a multi-day itinerary for hikes and guided walks, using specialized tour operators and travel agencies which concentrate on outdoor sports and activities.

If you only have time for a one day hike, don't worry! Cartotrekking offers personalized guided hikes for 2 hours to a full day, or you can join one of the group hikes scheduled for the day you want to explore!

Guest reviews

"Great experience! Couldn't have asked for a better guide than Gianluca. He had so much information to share along the way to complement the breathtaking views. Definitely recommend them to anyone!"

4 travelers agree

"Enzo was amazing and very informative Made the hike even more memorable!"

6 travelers agree

"We enjoyed the hike.Thanks Enzo!"

Cartotrekking: "We are so glad !! and we will pass the review to Enzo !"

4 travelers agree

Locations - How to get to Agerola

Cartotrekking's offices are located in Agerola, in the heart of the Lattari Mountains, but the team leads hikes and creates walking and hiking itineraries across the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, with itineraries focused on the rich natural and historic beauty of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno.


Guided tours in Agerola
+39 371 1758097

Cartotrekking: all the options

Departure from Pompeii, Sorrento, Castellammare di Stabia

Professional and certified hiking guide service, private for your group.
Private professional transfer for you from: Sorrento / Castellammare di Stabia / Pompei.
Walking route guided by a local expert guide who will show you the secrets of nature and the rural landscape of the Amalfi Coast.

Resource 1

From € 320 per person | max 15 people

Duration 4 hours

Free cancellation

Departure from Amalfi

Professional and certified hiking guide service, private for your group
Views of the Valley of the Mills & Ferriere Nature Reserve
Pass Amalfi's historic paper mills

Resource 1

From € 135 € 150 Per group | Max 15 people

Duration 3 hours

Free cancellation

Departure from Amalfi, Maiori

A unique opportunity - exclusively with Cartotrekking - to admire the terraced hills, the seaside villages and the many hidden "riches" of the coast, from the sea!
Discovering them together with a guide who with professionalism and passion will enlighten you on the history and art of the Amalfi Coast
The tour will be liven up by an aperitif at sunset, with background music and the starry sky seen from the sea. For the occasion, the organization will offer the special Ravello Beer crafted and created by our tour guide, also accompanied by non-alcoholic aperitifs and snacks.

Guide + Boat

From € 550 per group | Max 20 people

Duration 3 hours

Free cancellation

Group Guided Hike: Path of the Gods to Positano

Departure from Agerola

Experience a panoramic hike overlooking the sea and end your day in Positano
Discover the history, nature and culture of the Amalfi Coast and the Lattari Mountains with a local guide
Participate in an "open" tour to meet new people with the same passion for nature and outdoor activities

Resource 1

€ 39 per guest

Duration 4 hours

Free cancellation

Departure from Castellammare di Stabia

Guided hike through the wooded slopes of Mount Faito
Towering beech trees
Stop to visit the traditional snow stocks

Resource 1

From € 180 per group | max 10 people

Duration 5 hours

Free cancellation

Departure from Amalfi, Pompeii, Positano, Sorrento, Castellammare di Stabia

Professional and certified hiking guide service, private for you
Round-trip transfer from Amalfi or Sorrento to Agerola
Lunch overlooking the sea and featuring local specialties in a small trattoria

Resource 1

€ 95 per guest

Duration 4 hours (Morning)

Free cancellation

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All you need to tour the Amalfi Coast

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  2. Expert drivers and professional guides to visit the most beautiful sights along Italy's southern coast
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