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Discover the secrets to preparing authentic Neapolitan dishes

  • Cooking class in Sorrento in English and French
  • Traditional restaurant setting and local ingredients
  • Learn to prepare Neapolitan specialties

Why choose La Cucina del Gusto By Chef Carmen in Sorrento

In the center of Sorrento, set in the heart of the Sorrentine Peninsula the Cucina del Gusto di Chef Carmen Mazzola cooking school and restaurant welcomes visitors who want to learn how to prepare some of the most beloved dishes in southern Italy. Thanks to group and private cooking lessons in English (or French, upon request), you can discover the secrets of transforming local ingredients into delectable dishes under the guidance of Chef Carmen. Prepare a number of classic local dishes in an informal atmosphere and end your experience by sampling what you've just made!

Traditional Recipes

Chef Carmen holds classes in her fully equipped kitchen, putting students at ease with her warm smile and welcoming hospitality. Learn the insider techniques to preparing traditional dishes from Naples and Sorrento, including fundamental classics like gnocchi, pizza, and lasagna. Group lessons accept a maximum of 20 students so each participant gets plenty of one-on-one instruction from the chef.

An Unforgettable Experience

If you've always dreamed of taking a cooking class in Sorrento, Chef Carmen offers lessons that are both fun and informative, perfect for everyone from the single traveler to couples and families. Even groups of friends and colleagues can enjoy rolling up their sleeves to cook together before relaxing around the table to toast to their labors.

End with Taste

Each lesson is capped off with a meal featuring the delicious dishes you've prepared together during the lesson, served with 'local wines, mineral water, and Limoncello'- (lemon liqueur). Choose the regional wine you prefer from Chef Carmen's cellar for a group toast!

La Locanda del Gusto Restaurant

If you enjoy eating more than cooking, you can opt for a meal at the intimate restaurant at La Locanda del Gusto, set inside the cooking school in Sorrento. Here, Chef Carmen serves the highlights of Neapolitan cuisine in an informal dining room.

Taste classics like ravioli capresi, gnocchi alla sorrentina, spaghetti with clams, meatballs, fresh fish, and other delights in a warm, authentic atmosphere.
Be sure to pair a regional wine from the restaurant's ample wine list with your meal.
La Locanda del Gusto by Chef Carmen

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Locations - How to get to Sorrento

La Cucina del Gusto di Chef Carmen is located on Corso Italia in Sorrento, not far from the Amalfi Coast and Capri.


La Cucina del Gusto By Chef Carmen
Restaurants in Sorrento - Corso Italia, 321
+39 334 99 14 385 +39 334 99 14 385

La Cucina del Gusto By Chef Carmen : all the options

Departure from Sorrento

Three-hour cooking class in Sorrento
Traditional dishes with local ingredients
Final meal with wine and Limoncello included

Cooking classroom

€ 80 per guest

Duration 3 hours

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