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Romantic Restaurants in Sorrento

Romantic Restaurants in Sorrento

A dinner by candlelight overlooking the Bay of Sorrento? Here are the best restaurants for a table for two!

Are you looking for a table with a view of the coast, unforgettable food, and prices that won't break the bank? Here are our favorite romantic spots for a special meal in Sorrento:

Chef Squillante al Ghibli

This restaurant is in Marina Piccola, set a bit away from the port along a small sandy beach. The menu is modern and gourmet, and we especially recommend this spot for dinner.
+39 081 878 4063

Terrazza Bosquet

This is the Michelin-starred restaurant in the landmark Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. The location is unforgettable on the historic terrace overlooking the Bay of Sorrento, made famous by Italian singer Lucio Dalla in his song "Caruso". The cuisine is fine dining, with elegant interpretations of traditional dishes.
+39 081 8777111

Antica Trattoria

This informal eatery in the historic center doesn't have a view, but the internal garden is a romantic hideaway where couples can sample classic local dishes. This is one of the most storied restaurants in town, founded in 1930.
+39 081 8071082

Il Buco

The best spot to sample traditional cuisine in the center of Sorrento, featuring local specialties researched and interpreted by Chef Peppe Aversa. Choose from the tasting menus and enjoy the memorable décor: dining rooms cut from the tufa stone cliff and design touches. There is no view, but in the summer diners can sit outside under one of the city's historic gates.
+39 081 878 2354

Antico Franceschiello

Another historic restaurant in Sorrento located just beyond the Cape of Sorrento with a beautiful terrace facing the island of Capri. Classic cuisine featuring traditional favorites and seasonal specialties.
+39 081 5339780

Bagni Sant’Anna - Marina Grande

Among the many restaurants in Marina Grande, this one stands out for the creative touches in their dishes and the breathtaking view that you can enjoy from the tables set on a platform over the water. There is also a beach club here, where you can rent loungers and stay for a cocktail or snack.
+39 081 807 4178
+39 081 878 2170

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Restaurants in Sorrento

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Restaurants in Sorrento

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Where to Eat on a Budget in Sorrento


Decanter Sorrento


Decanter Sorrento €€

Wine bar with a kitchen

Tel. 081 18254525

Accénto Restaurant

Trendy and contemporary: traditional cuisine with a creative twist

+39 081 878 5216


Great sandwiches with local products and craft beers

+39 08118512149

Bagni Sant'Anna

Creative cuisine served on a pier jutting out over the sea

+39 081 8074178

Ristorante Tasso

Modern, upscale cuisine and excellent pizza near Piazza Tasso

+39 081 8785809

Inn Bufalito

A variety of dishes featuring local buffalo mozzarella and traditional specialties

+39 081 3656975

L'Antica Trattoria

Elegant restaurant in the center of Sorrento with tables under the pergola

+39 081 8071082

Da Emilia

Generous portions of traditional fish and seafood recipes in the fishing village of Marina Grande

+39 081807 2720