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3 hours tour by boat

€ 180 The rate: 2-4 person included

3 hours tour by boat

This leisurely half day tour of the island offers you four hours around the amazing coast of Capri, relaxing and enjoying the pleasures of the island from the sea. A visit to the Blue Grotto is a must on this tour!

By Gianni's Boat

Validade da oferta:

Dal 1 Abril 2018 al 30 Abril 2018 (Todos os dias) Dal 8 Outubro 2018 al 3 Novembro 2018 (Todos os dias)

O que inclui

  • A taste of Home made Limoncello
  • Fresh waters.
  • Homemade clean and perfurmed towels.

O que NÃO inclui

  • Entrance fee at blue grotto (14€)

Informações adicionais

Meeting point @BAR GABBIANO in Marina Grande
Bring your camera!

*Your card will NOT be charged before your tour; full payment is due DIRECTLY ON THE DAY OF YOUR TOUR in cash or by credit card.

By Gianni's Boat

Gianni Tedesco


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3 hours tour by boat

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