Island Tour + Blue Grotto Visit - Yellow Line

Duration 2 hours

Departure from: Capri

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Island Tour + Blue Grotto Visit - Yellow Line
Island Tour + Blue Grotto Visit - Yellow Line
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Departure from: Capri

Duration 2 hours

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  • Depart from pier n. 0 in Marina Grande next to the ferry dock
  • Regular departures from 9:45AM to 2PM
  • Tickets valid for boarding the first available boat!
  • Boat tour around the island (Faraglioni, Tiberius' leap, Coral Grotto, White Grotto, Natural Arch, Punta Carena lighthouse, and more)
  • Stop to visit the Blue Grotto (see below)
  • Return to Marina Grande
  • Safety equipment for children and adults on board.

Not included

  • There is no stop to swim.
  • Blue Grotto admission via rowboat. Visits inside the Blue Grotto are managed by another company and tickets must be purchased separately for €14 in cash at the entrance.

Additional information

Visiting the Blue Grotto: once we reach the entrance to the Blue Grotto, all passengers must board small rowboats to enter the cave. Please note that the rowboat service to enter the Blue Grotto is not managed by our company and we are not responsible for any long wait times or delays. Visits inside the grotto last five minutes and then passengers reboard the Motoscafisti boats.
If wait times are longer than 45 minutes, the captain may choose to return to port. Those who would like to visit the grotto can request a free ticket on the Blue Grotto transfer boat to sail to the grotto again. This rule is to avoid passengers becoming seasick from staying on the boat too long. Due to its closure during rough seas or strong winds and unpredictable weather changes within a single day, access to the Blue Grotto cannot be confidently ensured.
We suggest bringing sunblock and a hat!
Dogs are welcome on board.
Children under 5 ride for free.

Provided by: Motoscafisti di Capri (Capri)

Sailing around the island, since 1955


Motoscafisti di Capri reviews

"We had a great time, our guide was great and the island certainly didn't disappoint. The wait to enter the grotto azzura was quite long (especially since we were out in the noon sun) highly recommend"

237 travelers agree 76

"We booked the guided tour, but when we arrived, due to the weather the tour was suspended, we can only visit the blue cave without any money back. Very unhappy because we lost more money."

5 travelers agree 4

"Good boat tour, but this is not a guided tour, as explanations from the driver/guide were too sporadic. Blue cave is overpriced, as it does not require any maintenance. "

147 travelers agree 129

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