2020 Bus Schedules Rome - Sorrento

The Marozzi bus line runs directly between Rome and Sorrento in 4 hours. Buses arrive and depart Piazza Tiburtina in Rome.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, many routes have been suspended until 14 April, 2020.
The schedules published on this page are the official annual schedules, but we strongly suggest contacting the transport companies directly to confirm if specific routes are running.
Note that at this time that all residents and visitors in Italy can only move around in cases of pressing need and with an "autocertificazione" pass.

Route: Rome - Sorrento

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Marozzi Bus Schedule

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  1. Roma (Stazione Tiburtina)
  2. Pompei Scavi
  3. Pompei Casello autostradale
  4. Castellammare di Stabia (Viale Europa)
  5. Vico Equense (via Filangieri)
  6. Sorrento (Stazione)
  7. Positano
  8. Praiano (S.S. 163, bivio Vettica)
  9. Amalfi
7:00 15:00
10:00 -
- 18:00
10:10 18:10
10:25 18:25
10:50 19:00
11:30 -
11:45 -
12:00 -
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Bus Information Rome - Sorrento

Tickets can be purchased at the Rome Tiburtina station, in travel agent offices in Sorrento, and online at the Marozzi website.

Tickets cost €19.

The ride takes about 4 hours.

There is no bathroom on board, but the bus stops at a rest stop along the way.

The Tiburtina train station can be reached from locations around Rome by subway.

The bus stops at a few towns before Sorrento, like Sant'Agnello, Piano di Sorrento, Meta, Vico Equense, and Castellammare.

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