The Best Time of Year to Visit Sorrento

What season of the year should you vacation in Sorrento?

The Best Time of Year to Visit Sorrento

High season for tourism in Sorrento is usually from Easter through October. This is the time of year when all the shops, hotels, and restaurants are bustling and the ferries to and from the islands and the Amalfi Coast run all day. However, where the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri have a very quiet low season come winter, Sorrento is a popular destination all year round and you can find cafès, restaurants, and shops open even in January and February, when the rest of the coastline is shuttered for the season.

As a rule, you can swim in the sea from the beginning of May to mid-October.


Spring (late March to mid-June)

April and May are the months in which the weather is the most pleasant and Sorrento is at the peak of its beauty, with the scent of orange flowers in the air and long, sunny days. The temperatures are mild and you can take walks around town even during the hottest hours of the afternoon. This is also the season in which large bus tours and school groups often visit, which means that the center of town and sights can get crowded.

Summer (mid-June to mid-September)

The days are cloudless and sunny, but temperatures can soar, making touring during the day uncomfortable, especially in Pompeii and Herculaneum. During these months, opt to spend the hottest hours of the afternoon relaxing on the beach or poolside and tour in the cooler morning or evening hours. Shops, bars, and restaurants stay open until late into the night, and hotel prices peak during the summer season.

Autumn (mid-September through Christmas)

The weather is usually mild with temperatures that do not drop too low until the end of December, though there can be stretches of rain and the days are much shorter. The month of October is still high season for tourism, but by mid-November the crowds have dispersed and the holiday lights have been hung in the center of town. There is a busy holiday calendar in December, with an increasing number of events each year to keep visitors busy during the Christmas and New Year celebrations!

Winter (early January to mid-March)

Many locals who work in travel and tourism in Sorrento take their own holiday after Christmas, and the town takes advantage of the smaller crowds to repair roads and other public works. Many businesses close, but there are always shops, cafès, and restaurants that remain open for the visitors who choose this quiet season to explore the coast. Days can be cold and wet, but February already brings pleasantly sunny days and by March, spring is in the air. This is the perfect time for a budget trip, as there are always low season special rates for accommodations.


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