Free Sorrento Guidebook

Free Sorrento Guidebook

Welcome to our dedicated Visit Sorrento webpage for exploring the enchanting town of Sorrento, Italy. Here you can download our comprehensive Sorrento travel guide in PDF ebook format, absolutely free. Crafted by local experts, our guide will help you make the most of your time in this captivating Italian destination in the region of Campania.

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Inside this Italy travel guide focusing on Sorrento, you'll find a wealth of travel tips on various topics, including how to get there (ferries, Circumvesuviana, train station), where to stay, and how to spend a perfect day discovering the cafes of Piazza Tasso, the Mediterranean lemon groves, and other local highlights.

This ultimate guide gives you travel tips on the best restaurants, shopping spots, and beaches along the Sorrentine Peninsula in southern Italy’s Bay of Naples, including must-see attractions like the Bay of Ieranto, Mount Faito, and Punta Campanella.

In addition, our guide offers invaluable insights on day trips to nearby locations, such as Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta, Paestum, Ischia, and Procida.

Download our free guide now and start planning your unforgettable Sorrento adventure today!


  • Where to stay in Sorrento

  • Getting to Sorrento

  • Getting around Sorrento

  • A day in Sorrento

  • Restaurants in Sorrento

  • Shopping in Sorrento

  • Beaches on the Sorrentine Peninsula

  • The Bay of Ieranto

  • Mount Faito

  • Punta Campanella

  • Day trips nearby

  • Should I visit Pompeii or Herculaneum?

  • Day trip to Capri from Sorrento

  • Day trip to the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

  • A day trip to Naples

  • The Royal Palace of Caserta

  • Paestum

  • Day trips to Ischia and Procida

  • Day trip to Procida, Italy’s 2022 Cultural Capital!

The authors

This Sorrento guide was written by passionate local experts who live and work on Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Our comprehensive travel guide boasts unparalleled insights into Sorrento’s hidden gems, top attractions, and exceptional service providers, guaranteeing an authentic and truly memorable experience during your stay in this beautiful gem of southern Italy.

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A glimpse of Sorrento's magic

Sorrento's allure lies in its rich history, cascading cliffs, vibrant city center, and strategic location, giving easy access to surrounding areas. The famous melody "Torna a Surriento" encapsulates the town's captivating charm, making it a must-visit spot in Italy.

Arriving in Sorrento

Reaching Sorrento is relatively easy thanks to its accessible location. Whether you're coming by plane, train, or car, there are several routes to choose from, each offering a unique travel experience. Sorrento is easily reachable from Naples by train and bus. If you arrive from Naples Capodichino airport, you can take a direct bus to Sorrento. If you prefer the train instead, the Circumvesuviana line connects Naples to Sorrento in about an hour. If you're traveling by car, the A3 highway will take you straight to Sorrento.

Exploring Sorrento

Sorrento invites exploration at a leisurely pace, whether it's strolling through the historic center's narrow paths, sipping coffee in the lively Piazza Tasso, getting some sun on the beaches, or admiring a fiery sunset from the Villa Comunale terrace.

The town's historic streets are lined with shops and artisanal workshops, displaying monumental churches like the Cathedral and Basilica of Sant'Antonino, historical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, and remnants of ancient city walls.

Sorrento is also a great jumping-off point for day trips in the area of the Bay of Naples, such as Pompeii and Vesuvius, Sant'Agnello, or Vico Equense.

Museums in Sorrento

Three museums stand out in Sorrento, each offering a unique glimpse into the town's culture and history:

  • Museo Correale: This museum houses a collection of artworks from the counts of Terranova, still hosted in the family residence. Paintings, archeological findings, and Capodimonte porcelains are displayed among original 1700s furniture.

  • Museo della Tarsia Lignea: Wood carving is one of the oldest traditions in the Sorrento Peninsula. This museum displays a wide array of objects decorated with this technique.

  • Villa Fiorentino: In this 1930s villa, the Sorrento Foundation organizes modern art exhibitions and theme-based shows dedicated to local crafts.

Shopping in Sorrento

Sorrento offers a delightful shopping experience, with its main street, Corso Italia, hosting boutiques and fashion stores. The historic center's alleys (Via San Cesareo and its side streets) are home to inlay workshops, leather product stores, small limoncello factories, and food and wine shops.

What to buy in Sorrento

If you're looking for a unique souvenir, Sorrento will not disappoint. Here are some suggestions of what to buy in Sorrento:

  • Limoncello: Limoncello is a world-renowned Italian liqueur, and Sorrento's local version is particularly famous. It makes for a perfect gift or a souvenir for yourself, to bring the taste of the lemon groves back home with you.

  • Inlaid wooden box: Wood inlay is a traditional art form in Sorrento. An inlaid wooden box is a great souvenir representing this ancient craft.

  • Leather goods: Sorrento's artisanal workshops produce a variety of high-quality leather goods.

Eating in Sorrento

From restaurants and cafès to ice cream parlors, rotisseries, bakeries, and wine shops, Sorrento offers an almost infinite choice of places to stop for food and drink. For coffee or an aperitif, the most popular bars overlook Piazza Tasso, the town's main square. Stop in for a pleasant moment to relax and watch the world go by.

Restaurants in Sorrento

Sorrento is home to a variety of restaurants, each offering a unique dining experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ristorante Tasso: Located behind its namesake square, this restaurant is always a good choice, with its spacious rooms suitable for groups and a curated menu catering to all tastes.

  • Zi' Ntonio: This historic establishment in the city center offers traditional dishes prepared with excellent fresh ingredients. The staff is very courteous. The "Sorrento Gnocchi" is a must-try.

  • Ristorante Caruso: This restaurant is dedicated to the famous opera tenor Enrico Caruso, who spent his last days at the nearby Excelsior Vittoria hotel. It is adorned with memorabilia and offers a warm atmosphere.

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Getting around in Sorrento

Sorrento is often chosen as a base for visiting the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, and Capri, so it's important to plan in advance how you'll get around once you're there. The town center is quite small and easily walkable. However, areas like Marina Piccola and Marina Grande are located below the center of town, so it can be helpful to take a bus, especially for the climb back up.

Useful travel tips for Sorrento

Finally, here are some additional travel tips for your trip to Sorrento:

  • Don't forget to bring a hat and sunscreen.

  • Remember that most of the shops in Sorrento close for siesta in the afternoon.

  • If you plan on doing a lot of excursions, consider purchasing a tourist card, such as the Campania Artecard, which offers free or discounted entry to many attractions in the region.

  • Make sure you try Sorrento's famous limoncello.

We hope this guide will help you plan a wonderful stay in Sorrento. No matter what you decide to do, we're sure you'll fall in love with this charming city!