The smallest town on the Sorrentine Peninsula


Sant’Agnello is the town on the Sorrentine Peninsula tucked between Piano di Sorrento and Sorrento when arriving from the direction of Naples.

The town limits of Sant’Agnello are quite small, and it is one of the smallest towns in the entire region of Campania; there are just about 9,000 residents and the municipality covers about 4 square kilometers. Like the other towns on the Sorrentine Peninsula, Sant'Agnello sits on a tufa stone cliff directly over the sea. The coastline that rises directly from the water can be admired from Marinella, a scenic overlook with a panoramic view that stretches from Mt. Vesuvius to the Sorrentine coast. From here, you can take a flight of stairs carved directly into the stone cliff or a lift down to the small beach, beach club, and waterfront restaurant directly below. The historic five-star Grand Hotel Cocumella is located next to the Marinella scenic overlook, a 16th-century monastery converted into a hotel that has been hosting famous writers and personalities like Goethe during their Italian Grand Tour voyages since 1822.
The Fontanelle Hills sit to the north of town, rising to about 800 meters and marking the border between the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.

Sights in Sant’Agnello

The town centers around the main Piazza Matteotti and Piazza Sant’Agnello (where the local church of the same name is located). The historic districts, where you can take a scenic stroll, are the rione Angri, the rione Cappuccini, and the rione Maiano.

Should I Stay in Sant’Agnello?

Sant’Agnello isn't a tourist destination like Sorrento, so the few cafés and restaurants primarily serve locals. Most hotels are located along the cliff's edge with views directly over the water. Over the last few years, however, with the growth of Airbnb and independent bed and breakfasts, the number of tourists who stay in central Sant’Agnello has increased.

You can reach the center of Sorrento on foot in about 20 minutes or with a local EAV bus (they usually depart every 20/30 minutes) that has to take a heavily trafficked road. You may find it tricky to get back to Sant’Agnello from Sorrento in the evening, as buses stop running after 10 p.m.

There is also a Circumvesuviana train station in Sant’Agnello (it's the last stop before Sorrento) for trains to Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Naples. The Sita stop is where you can hopon a local bus to Positano and Amalfi. There is no port in town, however, so to visit Capri or take a boat tour, you'll need to set off from Sorrento or Piano di Sorrento. A number of Capri and Amalfi Coast boat tours include free transportation from hotels and B&Bs in Sant'Agnello, however.

Before booking a hotel in Sant'Agnello, we recommend you take a close look at its location. It's easy to get around from the center of town, but for hotels in the higher areas of town like Trasaella or Colli di Fontanelle, you'll need a car or scooter.

Accommodations in Sant’Agnello

Dining in Sant’Agnello

Ristorante Da Peppino: a historic pizzeria in the center of town that also offers take-away
Try: rotisserie chicken with potatoes
Location: Via A. Balsamo 79
Tel.: 081 8074072

Ristorante Calise: this restaurant in the center of Sant’Agnello has an internal courtyard and free parking
Try: spaghetti with crab is their specialty
Location: Corso Italia 139,141
Tel.: +39 081 8074490

La Marinella: by night, the town's only beach club becomes a romantic seaside restaurant
Try: fish dishes
Location: Spiaggia San Francesco, Piazzetta Marinella
Tel.: +39 081 8075674

Beaches in Sant’Agnello

Sant’Agnello doesn't have a beach, per se, but there is access to the water from the Marinella terrace. Either walk down the steps or take the lift down to the “La Marinella” beach club that has a stretch of coastal rocks and a tiny volcanic sand beach. There is a small free public area on the rocks; be sure to book the beach club in advance.