Towns on the Sorrentine Peninsula

Look beyond Sorrento: the Sorrentine Peninsula includes a number of less-famous towns that are home to fascinating historic sights, lovely beaches, and excellent restaurants. Here are helpful overviews of the various towns located along Sorrento's coastline.

Guide to the towns near Sorrento, to have a true local experience.

Is it worth it to stay in a town near Sorrento?

Staying in the center of Sorrento is the most convenient option if this is your first visit to the Sorrento Peninsula and you plan on getting around by public transportation. However, may want to consider staying in another town if you're getting around by car and visiting in months other than July and August, when traffic can get very snarled.

We suggest:

  • Massa Lubrense: for walking and hiking enthusiasts

  • Meta: for those planning a beach holiday

  • Vico Equense: for lovers of good food who want to explore off the beaten track