Wine Tours on the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius

Guided tastings at prestigious wineries along the Amalfi Coast or on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius

Wine Tours on the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius

Italy's region of Campania, with its warm Mediterranean sun and fertile volcanic soil, has been a wine-producing area in the southern reaches of the peninsula for hundreds of years, though it is much less famous than other wine areas in the country. Area wineries have begun to offer wine tours and tastings only over the last few years, and today visitors have a vast choice of wine tours on the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius to choose from. Discover the historic winemaking tradition while taking in the beautiful countryside and sampling one of the world's most popular cuisines.

A History of Winemaking

Campanian wines may not be as famous as those from Tuscany or Piedmont, but there are 19 DOP and 10 IGP classified wines produced in vineyards that stretch from Irpinia to Benevento, including swathes of land on and around Mt. Vesuvius, on the Cilento Peninsula, and even on the islands in the Bay of Naples. Each area produces a unique type of wine with a specific grape and technique, all delicious to pair with the region's rich cuisine.

From Mt. Vesuvius to Amalfi

On the Amalfi Coast, the three main winemaking areas are concentrated around the villages of Furore, Ravello, and Tramonti, where primarily Costa d’Amalfi DOC is produced. On the slopes of Mt. Vesuvio, the prestigious DOP-certified Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio is the flagship label.

Taste Lacryma Christi at Cantina del Vesuvio

Cantina del Vesuvio in Trecase is located midway between the volcanic peak of Mt. Vesuvius and the archaeological park of Pompeii, so the ideal spot for a lunch break or wine tasting between visiting these two important sites. Set at the foot of Italy's most famous volcano, with a view that stretches across the vineyards to the Bay of Naples with Capri on the horizon, this family-run winery offers tastings of organic Lacryma Christi wines and traditional local products. The tasting lunch menu includes charcuterie and cheese, a steaming plate of spaghetti tossed with heirloom Piennolo tomatoes, and traditional "pastiera napoletana" for dessert. Tastings and tasting lunches include a guided tour of the winery and shop, as well as a relaxing stroll through the vineyard. Children are welcome at the winery, and can also enjoy a tasting or lunch without wine at a reduced price.

Info: +00 39 081 5369041

Transfer Service

Cantina del Vesuvio offers free transfers from the Circumvesuviana "Villa Regina" train station, which is easy to reach from Naples, Sorrento, and Pompeii. Alternatively, you can book a private transfer to the winery from other nearby locations.

Book a wine tasting at Cantina del Vesuvio

Wine Tastings on the Amalfi Coast

There are a number of other options for a wine tour on the Amalfi Coast or Mt. Vesuvius. If you are happy to join a group and make new friends, try a shared tour guided by an expert sommelier. If you would rather have more flexibility, many wineries offer the option of a private tour and tasting. Those who are visiting the coast by car can stop at area wineries on their own, though it is much easier to simply book a private winery tour with a driver to avoid the hassle of navigating the rural roads (especially after having wine), or can visit a winery via taxi or public transportation (when possible). Regardless, we suggest booking in advance, and remember to let the winery know if you have any dietary restrictions as most offer finger food or full meals as part of the tasting. All area wineries welcome children, and there is usually a discounted price for tastings without wine.

Wine Tastings with Transfers Included

If you are spending your holiday on the Amalfi Coast or in Naples and you don't have a car, we suggest booking a wine tour with transportation included. There are a number of car service companies that offer winery transfers: Luxury Limo Positano, for examples, offers wine tours via luxury vehicle with a professional driver that depart from Positano and include a guided tasting (with optional lunch) at a winery on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius.

Cuisine and Culture

You can also depart from Positano with Top Excursion to pair a winery tour with a stop at the ruins of Pompeii and a stroll through the picturesque center of Sorrento. If you want to combine a wine tasting featuring Lacryma Christi with a Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius visit, this itinerary offered by Eurolimo (that also departs from Sorrento or Naples) is all-inclusive and a great price.

Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore

This award-winning winery on the Amalfi Coast boasts a breathtaking location, carved directly into the cliffside in the delightful fishing village of Furore with vineyards cloaking the coastline above the famous fjord of the same name. The view is extraordinary, and the Marisa Cuomo winery offers convenient guided group tours that take a deep dive into the winery's history and techniques. Visits include a tasting, of course, highlighting some of the most prestigious wines produced on the Amalfi Coast paired with local gourmet specialties.

Info (including WhatsApp messaging): +00 39 333 4313667

A Unique Local White

Be sure to sample the award-winning Fior d'Uva, the only white wine on the Amalfi Coast fermented in oak barrels.

Cantine Marisa Cuomo

Decanter Sorrento

Those staying in Sorrento can relax over a guided tasting of regional wines at Ristorante Decanter, located in the center of Sorrento. Paired with local gourmet delights like charcuterie, cheese, and other snacks, this wine tasting can be booked inside the restaurant or on the outdoor terrace. If you are getting around by car, the restaurant has convenient parking just outside.

Info: +00 39 081 118254525

Wines from Tramonti

The unique name of this village on the Amalfi Coast derives from the Italian for "between the mountains", and is where the name for the icy "Tramontana" winds that whip cold air through the mountain peaks was coined during the years of the Marine Republic of Amalfi. An idyllic, pristine landscape of alpine chapels, thick woods, dramatic cliffs, and vineyards and cellars, this is an ideal spot for a wine tasting and tour.

Estate Wine Tasting

The Tenuta San Francesco is a traditional 18th-century rural estate, or masseria, located inside the Monti Lattari Regional Park, where guests can take guided tours among the historic vineyards and taste Costa d'Amalfi DOC and the estate's own cheeses and charcuterie.

Info: +00 39 335 6670854

Wines from Piede Franco

At the Reale farm estate in the tiny hamlet of Gete near Tramonti, you can join a fascinating winery tour to discover the heirloom Piede Franco grapes that have been grown just a few kilometers from the coast since 1920. During the visit, you can admire the famous "ceppi a Piede Franco", a rare historic vine that produces very unique local grapes.

Info: +00 39 089 856144

Wines from Ravello

Tucked in the steep terraced hillside outside Ravello, Cantina di Ettore Sammarco has been producing DOC wines since 1962. The cellar's flagship wine is Costa d’Amalfi Ravello Bianco Vigna Grotta Piana DOC, produced from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Brusara near Ravello, 500 meters above sea level. The winery offers tastings in their family-run hotel, "Palazzo Confalone".

Info: +00 39 089 872774

Wines from Raito, near Vietri sul Mare

In this hamlet near Vietri Sul Mare, the "Vigne di Raito" winery produces organic and biodynamic wines, and offers guided tours, tastings, and small private events.

Info: +00 39 328 8651452