The 7 Most Romantic Spots in Sorrento

The most intimate corners and scenic overlooks for holding hands and stealing kisses

The 7 Most Romantic Spots in Sorrento

Sorrento, Italy is one of the most popular destinations for couples celebrating a romantic get-away, honeymoon, or anniversary. The views, slow pace, and quiet side streets make it the perfect spot for stealing kisses, strolling hand-in-hand, or even getting down on one knee to pop the question. Here is my personal list of the most romantic spots in Sorrento:

The Villa Comunale

This park is a classically romantic spot, with benches arranged overlooking the sea perfect for a scenic cuddle or getting down on one knee. The only drawback is that the gardens are a very popular destination, so you won't get much privacy.

The San Francesco Beach

This small beach is right below the Villa Comunale, and a bustling spot in the summer months. You can take the stairs down or the elevator, which runs between the villa and the area nearest the beach clubs.

The Cloister

Next to the Villa Comunale, the 12th century Cloister of Saint Francis is one of the most popular venues for weddings in Sorrento. It is also a perfectly quiet and elegant backdrop for asking for your sweetheart's hand or simply declaring your eternal love...

The Regina Giovanna

This is my personal favorite, as far as romantic spots in Sorrento go. For an unforgettable swim as a couple, I suggest going in late afternoon, climbing down to the small lagoon hidden between the cliffs, and diving right in to the deep turquoise waters. It will be one of the most memorable dips you'll ever take (though perhaps not recommended in winter!).
The Beaches of Regina Giovanna

Marina Grande

The quaint fishing hamlet of Marina Grande is perfect for a stroll and a quiet dinner for two right on the water's edge. Celebrate a special occasion here, or simply savor the pleasure of each other's company.

La Marinella

This scenic overlook is located in Sant'Agnello, the town right next to Sorrento, but it is one of the most breathtaking along the coast. Head here right before sunset and grab an oudoor table to enjoy cocktails while you watch the sun go down. This is guaranteed to be the most romantic beginning to your evening in Sorrento.

The Terrace at the Excelsior Vittoria

This terrace was made famous in the timeless love song by Lucio Dalla, "Caruso", also recorded by both Andrea Boccelli and the late Luciano Pavarotti. The fine dining restaurant here has a Michelin star, but you can also stop for a simple aperitivo of drinks and snacks to enjoy the view.