One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

Tips for planning a seven-day trip to Sorrento

One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

A week in Sorrento is the ideal amount of time to spend exploring the Sorrentine Peninsula and its nearby sights, including some of the top destinations and attractions on the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast.

So, how do you organize seven days in Sorrento? Here are our insider suggestions:

Day 1: Sorrento

Set on a dramatic clifftop overlooking the sea, Sorrento is one of the most captivating resort towns in Italy and has been attracting visitors from across the globe for centuries. Kick off your week on the Sorrentine Peninsula by exploring its most famous and beautiful town. Take in the old town at a leisurely pace to soak in the “Old World” atmosphere and visit the main sights. With a full day dedicated to Sorrento, you’ll have time to sights, shop, and relax over lunch or an aperitivo in Piazza Tasso plus spend a few hours sunbathing at one of the local beaches.

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

For some ideas on how to spend your day in Sorrento, check out our Self-guided Sorrento Walking Tour.

Day 2: Minicruise

If you are wondering how to fill a week in Sorrento, keep in mind that no holiday on this spectacular peninsula is complete without a boat tour of the Sorrento coast, the most scenic way to explore the coastline and access its most picturesque beaches.

The top destinations to explore by sea on a full-day boat tour included Massa Lubrense, the Punta Campanella Marine Reserve, and Nerano, a fishing village along the coastline that is famous for its excellent restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean.

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

There are a number of boat tours that set off from Sorrento to explore the Amalfi Coast, island of Capri, and other destinations along the Bay of Naples so you have a wide variety of itineraries to choose from.

Day 3: Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

Sorrento is a perfect jumping-off point to visit the archaeological ruins of Pompeii. Walk its ancient Roman streets and admire the villas, temples, baths, and other dazzling remains famously buried by the devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.

How to Get to Pompeii from Sorrento

Reaching Pompeii from Sorrento is easy. Hop on one of the many Circumvesuviana train that depart from Sorrento for Naples, and get off at the Pompei-Villa dei Misteri stop (about 20 minutes from Sorrento). The entrance to the ancient site is just outside the Circumvesuviana station.

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

If you want to avoid the crowds and hassle of the train, you can opt for a comfortable and relaxing private transfer with a professional car service.

Your driver will pick you up directly at your hotel or other accommodation and drop you at the entrance to Pompeii. A private transfer is also the easiest way to reach the Mt. Vesuvius National Park: you can have your driver first drop you at Pompeii for a few hours then take you directly to the trailhead for the walk up to the volcanic crater atop Mount Vesuvius.

The Mt. Vesuvius National Park is also accessible via public transportation, but keep in mind that it will take much longer to both reach the peak and return to your accommodation in Sorrento.

How to Get from Pompeii to Mt. Vesuvius with Public Transportation

Busvia del Vesuvio: this shuttle bus service departs from the Pompei - Villa dei Misteri stop along the Circumvesuviana line and drops passengers at the entrance to the Mt. Vesuvius National Park. From here, you’ll board a small 4x4 eco bus that climbs the historic "Matrone" road up to the trailhead in Piazzale Superiore. Climb up the trail alongside an Alpine guide to visit the crater from this point.
Departure: hourly from 9 AM to 3 PM
Cost: €22 (bus + 4x4 + national park admission)

You can also catch a public EAV bus from Pompeii to Piazzale Superiore on Mt. Vesuvius.

If you enjoy meeting fellow travelers, join a group tour of Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, one of the best options for enjoying the freedom of an independent day trip without the cost of a private transfer.

Book a group tour to Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius from Sorrento online

Day 4: Capri

Capri sits like a jewel in the waters of the Mediterranean just opposite Sorrento: the island is an extension of the Sorrentine Peninsula and shares the same geological origins, culture, and legends. Take advantage of your week-long holiday in Sorrento to spend a day exploring Capri either with a private or group tour, or independently with a DIY itinerary.

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

How to Get to Capri from Sorrento

A number of ferries depart for Capri each day from Sorrento’s port. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the island and the ticket prices vary according to the type of ferry (from about €15 to €18). You can simply go directly to the port in Sorrento and purchase a ticket for the next departing route, though we suggest booking in advance in the busiest summer months to avoid a long line.

Tlps for Visiting Capri from Sorrento

For your day trip to Capri from Sorrento, we suggest purchasing a round-trip ferry ticket upon departure (to avoid waiting in line at the ticket office for your return trip) and sitting on the left side of the ferry for the best views of the Sorrentine Peninsula from Sorrento to Punta Campanella along the way. The regular ferries are slower but also offer a smoother ride for those who suffer from seasickness; hydrofoils are faster but also a bit bumpier. If you plan on using public transportation to explore Capri, purchase your tickets at the tobacco shop (tabaccaio) at the Sorrento port to avoid a long line once you arrive on Capri.

Once you disembark on Capri, you an get around with the public bus and funicular or with the island’s traditional open-top taxis.

To get the most out of your day on Capri, take a look at our suggested itinerary. Keep in mind that the island is very crowded in the summer months so travel times to get between towns and sights on the island may be much longer:

Capri Day Trip - A One Day Itinerary.

Day 5: Hiking

The Sorrentine Peninsula is more than just pristine beaches, fabulous food, and picturesque villages. There is also dazzling countryside best explored on foot or bike along a number of trails that span a wide range of lengths and difficulty levels.

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

Whether you’re an avid hiker or a casual walker, we suggest taking a day during your week in Sorrento to explore the lush hills and scenic coastline along the area trails.

Choose a route through the Punta Campanella Marine Reserve for sweeping views across the water to Capri or through the Monti Lattari mountains for bird’s-eye panoramas and unbeatable local cuisine. You can also head from the Bay of Ieranto to Mount Faito, considered one of the most scenic spots in the region (and accessible via cable car).

Otherwise, head to the Amalfi Coast to explore the network of trails and walking routes that are unforgettable scenic, from the famed Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) above Positano to the Valley or the Mills above Amalfi.

If you’re not a die-hard hiker (or simply don’t have a way to reach the trailheads on your own), you can book a group hike with transportation and a guide on the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Book a hiking excursion from Sorrento

Day 6: The Amalfi Coast

A week-long holiday in and around Sorrento must include at least one day trip to the Amalfi Coast! Though you need more time to truly explore the coastline, a full day is enough to get an overview of the top villages and experience the “la dolce vita” vibe of Italy’s most famous stretch of coastline (especially if you visit outside of high season, when the area is crowded with summer tourists).

If you aren’t getting around with your own car, you can reach the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento by public Sita bus, with routes that stop in the main towns along the coastline. Keep in mind that the buses are crowded and there are long lines to board in the high season and on weekends.

Check the Amalfi Coast Bus Schedules

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

A convenient alternative, especially in summer, is reaching the Amalfi Coast by sea to avoid the snarled traffic and crowds on the coastal road.

Check the Amalfi Coast Ferry Schedules

If you want to take your time along the coast and are getting around by public transportation, consider focusing on a single town rather than trying to visit two or three in one day!

Should I visit Amalfi, Positano, or Ravello?

  • Choose Amalfi if: you love art and architecture and would like to explore museums and shops. Visiting Amalfi.
  • Choose Positano if: you love shopping and can take on steep lanes and lots of steps. Visiting Positano.
  • Choose Ravello if: you are a fan of classical music, sumptuous villas and gardens, and spectacular views. Visiting Ravello.

If you are having a hard time choosing, make the most of your time on the coast and visit two towns in a single day with a group tour including transportation Amalfi and Positano in One Day.

The most stress-free and time-saving way to visit the Amalfi Coast during your week in Sorrento is with a private driver who can customize your pace and itinerary and save you hours by dropping you directly at each town without the hassle of parking or waiting for the bus.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast with a Private Driver

A private transfer from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast for a full day will cost between €300 and €500. If you are traveling with a family or group of friends, the cost averages out to be quite affordable (most companies and drivers offer transfers via 8-passenger minivans).

Day 7: Naples

You’ll have enough time during your week on the Sorrentine Peninsula to dedicate a day to explore the vibrant city of Naples. If you are reaching Sorrento by train or plane, you will probably pass through the city upon arrival and departure, so it makes sense to spend your final day here so you can minimize your travel times

  • One Week in Sorrento: What To See and Do In and Around Sorrento

There are a number of options to reach Naples from Sorrento if you aren’t traveling by car:

- The cheapest option is the local Circumvesuviana train which runs between Sorrento and Naples regularly all day and takes about an hour to make the trip. This commuter train can be very crowded during rush hour and high season and there is no space to store luggage, so this is not the best choice if you are traveling with multiple large bags.

Check the Circumvesuviana schedules

- If you’re traveling from late spring to early fall, the ferry between Naples and Sorrento is ideal since you can take in views of the Sorrentine Peninsula and Bay of Naples during the trip.

The high-speed ferry between Sorrento and Naples takes about 40 minutes.
There are no routes on Saturdays and Sundays from early November through March.
Tickets cost around €12 with a supplement for bags.

Check Ferry Schedules between Sorrento and Naples

- The most stress-free way to get to Naples from Sorrento is a door-to-door private transfer with a driver who will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off directly at your final destination!

Once you arrive in Naples, follow our suggestions for how to take in the top sights in one day: Top 10 Things to See in Naples.

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