The Path of the Gods Hike from Sorrento

How to use public transportation to reach the Path of the Gods hiking trail on the Amalfi Coast

The Path of the Gods Hike from Sorrento

Famously on the most spectacular hiking trails in the world, the aptly named Sentiero degli Dei, or "Path of the Gods", begins at Agerola and follows a route high above the coast until reaching Positano.

Here's how you can hike the Sentiero degli Dei from Sorrento by using public transportation.

General information

  • Trail length: 7 km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Altitude change: about 200 meters

Getting to the Sentiero degli Dei Trailhead

The Sentiero degli Dei follows a number of routes and alternatives, but the most famous is the trail that leads from Agerola to Nocelle (outside Positano). We recommend hiking in that direction so you'll have the most breathtaking views in front of you along the way.

The most convenient way to travel from Sorrento to Agerola is the Sita bus, Sorrento- Amalfi line; in Amalfi transfer to the Amalfi-Agerola line. Ask the driver to let you off at the "Bomerano" stop, and follow the signs to the trailhead from here. It will take about 2 hours to reach Agerola from Sorrento by bus. We don't recommend driving, because it would be complicated to return to the trailhead to pick up your car once you've arrived at Positano!

Bus schedule Sorrento - Amalfi
Bus schedule Amalfi - Agerola
Bus schedule Positano - Sorrento

Organized Tours

Getting from Sorrento to Agerola by public transportation isn't always simple and often the local buses are overcrowded. Consider booking a guided tour that includes transportation and a hiking guide:

  • Transfer from Sorrento to Agerola
  • Hiking guide on the trail
  • Transfer back to Sorrento from Nocelle (at the end of the trail)

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Hiking the Path of the Gods

The markers along the trail are red and white, and though the trail is well maintained, it's best to hike with a partner.

To get to the trailhead, take the road next to the Gentile hotel in Piazza Paolo Capasso. Cross the wooden bridge and follow the road until you get to a clearing where the trail begins.

Once you've reached Colle Serra, you will find a crossroad; both alternatives lead back to the main trail, but we suggest the lower route as it is more scenic. The easiest stretch of the route begins here, and continues 6 km to the hamlet of Nocelle.

Once You've Arrived in Nocelle

You can either stop to eat in one of the restaurants in Nocelle or in nearby Montepertuso, or continue on directly to Positano (either by bus or by taking the stairs down... about 1,000 steps!)

Take a few minutes to wander through the pretty center of Positano, or take a dip in the sea at the Spiaggia Grande or Fornillo beaches before hopping a Sita bus back to Sorrento for a well-earned shower and rest!

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