Visiting Amalfi from Sorrento

Take a day trip to visit the historic Marine Republic of Amalfi from Sorrento

Visiting Amalfi from Sorrento
Visiting Amalfi from Sorrento

The historic Marine Republic of Amalfi was once the most powerful town on the Amalfi Coast, so much so that the entire coastline is named after this economic and military capital. Visit this beautiful town for its picturesque historic center and unforgettable views, but also for its and architectural treasures, including the stunning Duomo di Sant’Andrea.

Getting to Amalfi from Sorrento

Amalfi is not far from Sorrento, but the coastal road between the two is particularly winding and it will take an hour of curves before you arrive. We suggest opting instead for a ferry, as routes leave Sorrento for Positano and Amalfi daily during the summer season. There is also a public bus which takes about an hour and 20 minutes.

Unlike steep Positano, the town center of Amalfi is flat and the port and main piazza are both at sea level, as is the Duomo di Sant’Andrea.

Parking in Amalfi

There is a large parking lot between Amalfi and the neighboring town of Atrani called “Luna Rossa”. Rates are EUR 3/hour for cars or EUR 4/hour during the month of August.

Visiting Amalfi

You will find yourself in Amalfi's main piazza as soon as you step into town, which you will recognize immediately for its breathtaking Duomo which sits at the top of a majestic staircase.

The Duomo di Sant’Andrea was begun in the 9th century, and the soaring belltower was finished in 1276; the facade was renovated in the 1800's after a partial collapse. From the Duomo, you can also enter the Basilica del Crocifisso, which dates from the year 1000, and the Cloister of Paradise built in the 1200's to hold tombs of the city's most important citizens.

After visiting the Duomo, stop in to see Amalfi's Antique Arsenals and adjacent museum, where warships were built during the city's height of power as a Marine Republic, and the charming Paper Museum. If you follow the gorge up the cliffside above the town center, you can still see remains of a number of paper mills which were once powered by the water of the mountain streams as they flowed down toward the sea, producing Amalfi's fine quality paper which is still sold in small quantities today.

Atrani, the Smallest Town in Italy

If you are touring Amalfi, you should take the time to visit nearby Atrani just a kilometer away. This tiny village retains its original Medieval layout with houses linked to each other by tunnels and staircases, giving it a Nativity Scene charm. The village begins at the water's edge and climbs the coastal cliff, occupying so little ground that it is considered "the smallest town in Italy”. The unique architecture of this town's warren of underpasses and steps inspired a number of the artist Escher's works.

Day Tours of Amalfi Departing from Sorrento

If you only have one day to explore the Amalfi Coast, it's a good idea to book a small-group guided tour departing from Sorrento to see highlights in a single day.