How Much Does a Vacation in Sorrento Cost?

The average costs of a holiday in Sorrento, Italy

How Much Does a Vacation in Sorrento Cost?

How much should I budget for my vacation in Sorrento? How much do the basics like staying in a hotel and eating out cost? These are two of the most frequent questions travellers ask when planning a stay in Sorrento, so we've compiled a list of average prices for hotels, restaurants, bars, and tours to help you get an idea of how much you can expect to spend during your vacation in Sorrento.

Credit Card or Cash?

Debit and credit cards are generally accepted for any purchases or charges above roughly EUR 20 to 30. For smaller amounts, you should expect to pay cash in Sorrento and across Italy. Most bars and caf├Ęs will look askance if you try to charge 1 or 2 euros for a cappuccino on your card, so be sure to carry around a bit of cash at all times for these small purchases. For purchases or charges above EUR 1,000, you are not allowed to pay in cash in Italy; otherwise, cash is always happily accepted!

Accommodations - Average Hotel and B&B Prices in Sorrento

There is a vast variety of options for accommodations in Sorrento, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and more. You'll be able to find a room to fit any style and budget in the city, but keep in mind that prices vary dramatically according to season, increasing steadily from May to August before falling again in September and October. You can expect to pay a minimum of EUR 80 for a double room in high season in Sorrento.

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Eating Out - Average Restaurant and Pizzeria Prices in Sorrento

You'll find everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to casual local eateries in Sorrento, serving everything from gourmet multi-course meals to simple and satisfying pizza.

  • Gourmet restaurants: the tasting menu at Ristorante il Buco, the Michelin-starred restaurant in the center of Sorrento, begins at EUR 100/person (wine extra).

  • Mid-level local restaurants: for a three-course dinner and bottle of wine, expect to pay between EUR 40 and 50 a person.

  • Pizza and beer: the average price for a pizza and beer with table service is EUR 15.

The best restaurants in Sorrento
The best pizzerias in Sorrento

Having a Drink - Average Bar Prices in Sorrento

In Sorrento, as in all of Italy, keep in mind that prices for table service are always higher than if you drink standing at the bar. We list table service prices below, but an espresso served at the bar costs about EUR 1.10.

  • Espresso: EUR 4 or 5

  • Spritz: EUR 8

  • Beer: EUR 6

  • Cocktail: EUR 10


Taxis in Sorrento are expensive and often cost EUR 20 even for short distances like between the train station and port. It's a better idea to take the local bus or book a private transfer for longer trips.


Check our page listing tours and excursions to get an idea of average prices for guided tours of Capri, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and other destinations.

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