Christmas in Sorrento 2022

Holiday events scheduled in Sorrento

  • Christmas in Sorrento 2022
  • Christmas in Sorrento 2022
  • Christmas in Sorrento 2022
  • Christmas in Sorrento 2022

If you are considering a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast during the winter holidays, your best option is to stay in Sorrento, the coastal town where most holiday events and activities take place and where hotels and restaurants tend to stay open through the New Year. The town center is especially beautiful during the Christmas holidays when the streets are lit with fairy lights and towering evergreens are decorated in the center of Piazza Tasso. Special holiday events and concerts are scheduled each weekend from the end of November through the entire month of December, and street artists and buskers entertain visitors young and old alike!

The Best Time to Visit
The holiday lights will be turned on this year at the end of November 2022. The lights will be hung until 7 January 2023.

M'Illumino d'Inverno

For the end of the year holidays, the municipal administration of Sorrento has also organized the sixteenth edition of M'illumino d'Inverno,, a Christmas-themed series of concerts, movies, shows, workshops for children, and more. The event lineup is very rich and will continue until January 2023. To learn about the schedule of events, you can follow the Sorrento Municipal Facebook page.

Christmas Village at Villa Fiorentino

As of December 4th, 2022 and until January 8th, 2023, Villa Fiorentino will be hosting the 'Igloo Christmas Village' with shows, workshops and lots of activities for kids and adults alike. The Christmas village costs 5 euros to enter, free for Penisola Sorrentina residents.


Getting to Sorrento by Train
The easiest way to reach Sorrento during the holidays is by Circumvesuviana train. The final train leaving Sorrento for Naples is at 9.39 pm.

Getting to Sorrento by Car
Otherwise, you can arrive by car but try to visit in the early hours of the day as there are traffic jams on Saturday and Sunday from 5 pm. The most convenient parking is Correale, just beneath Piazza Lauro. Parking costs EUR 2/hour here and in all the parking lots in Sorrento.


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