Christmas in Sorrento

If you are considering a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast during the winter holidays, your best option is to stay in Sorrento, the coastal town where most holiday events and activities take place and where hotels and restaurants tend to stay open through the New Year. The town center is especially beautiful during the Christmas holidays, when the streets are lit with fairy lights and towering evergreens are decorated in the center of Piazza Tasso. Special holiday events and concerts are scheduled each weekend from the end of November through the entire month of December, and street artists and buskers entertain visitors young and old alike!

The holiday lights will be turned on this year from 18 November, and the official Christmas tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for 25 November. Try to stop by the Piazza at the top of each hour (for example: 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, and so on...): the tree decorations are timed to give a light show!

During your visit to Sorrento, we suggest you stop by the Walt Disney Village featuring all the most famous characters in lights in Piazza Sant'Antonino and penguins and polar bears in Piazza Lauro. The most popular events during this season are the Giornate Professionali del Cinema (26 Nov - 2 Dec) and the open air party for New Year's Eve in Piazza Tasso.

Recommended Itinerary

Regardless of whether you arrive by car or train, your beginning point for exploring Sorrento is Piazza Lauro, decorated like a snow village. From here, walk to Piazza Tasso and admire the Christmas tree, with lights and decorations timed to give a show at the top of each hour, and Piazza Sant'Antonino, with its Disney-themed village. Don't forget to stop by Villa Fiorentino (the entrance is along Corso Italia) to visit the collection of traditional Nativity scenes and Santa's Village.

Santa's Village at Villa Fiorentino

If you have children, be sure to stop by Santa's Village in Villa Fiorentino. Inside, there is a collection of traditional Nativity scenes to admire, and in the garden you can wander through the Christmas market with stands selling local artisan crafts. There are also amusement park rides for children, Santa's house, and village. The most popular attraction is the area where ponies, small horses, and donkeys are saddled up and ready to give rides.


The easiest way to reach Sorrento during the holidays is by Circumvesuviana train. The final train leaving Sorrento for Naples is at 9.39 pm. Otherwise, you can arrive by car but try to visit in the early hours of the day as there are traffic jams on Saturday and Sunday from 5 pm. The most convenient parking is Correale, just beneath Piazza Lauro. Parking costs EUR 2/hour here and in all the parking lots in Sorrento.

Here is the schedule of holiday events in Sorrento for 2017/2018, divided by category:
(Source: Comune di Sorrento)

HOLIDAY LIGHTS (until 31 January, 2018)

18 November: Lighted decorations are turned on
25 November: Christmas tree lights are turned on

Each weekend from 24 November to 6 January, street entertainment is scheduled in the town center.


20 October, Convento dei Teatini: “Qui dove il mare luccica”
27 October, Cattedrale di Sorrento: Angelo Branduardi and Maurizio Fabrizio
28 October, Cattedrale di Sorrento: Dominic Miller
29 October, Cattedrale di Sorrento: Carlo Fava and Luciano Biondini
25 November, Teatro Armida: Ara Malikian
9 December, Convento dei Teatini: Harlem Gospel Choir
16 December, Convento dei Teatini: Giovanni Caccamo
17 December, Chiesa di N.S. Lourdes: Carlo Morelli Gospel Choir
19 December, Teatro Armida: “Natalizia” with Peppe Barra
21 December, Chiesa della SS. Annunziata: Musica Jazz Virginia Sorrentino Trio feat. Pietro Condorelli
22 December, Chiesa della SS. Annunziata: Musica Jazz Larry Franco trio feat. Dee Dee Joy
22 December, Chiesa della SS. Annunziata: Musica Jazz Tony Esposito Experience
30 December, Chiesa della SS. Annunziata: “Presentimento” with Peppe Servillo and the Solis String Quartet
31 December, Convento dei Teatini: New Year's Eve Concert with S.C.S. Sorrento Sinfonietta International Orchestra
1 January, Basilica di S.Antonino: New Year's Concert with S.C.S. Sorrento Sinfonietta International Ensemble Orchestra
5 January, Teatro Armida, Malika Ayane
13 January, Convento dei Teatini: Raiz&Radicanto
27 January, Convento dei Teatini: Francesco Taskayali
17 March, Convento dei Teatini: Il Suono dei Luoghi.


26 November, Teatro ARMIDA: GLI SDRAIATI by Francesca Archibugi with Claudio Bisio and Antonia Truppo
27 November, PIAZZA TASSO: Tree lighting ceremony with film TBA
Teatro ARMIDA: WONDER by Stephen Chbosky with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson
28 November, Teatro ARMIDA: IL PREMIO by Alessandro Gassman with Alessandro Gassman, Gigi Proietti, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta and Matilda De Angelis. The director and actors will be present.
30 November, Teatro ARMIDA: IL TORO FERDINANDO animated film by Carlos Saldanha, Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath
1 December, Teatro ARMIDA: L’UOMO CHE INVENTO’ IL NATALE by Bharat Nalluri, with Dan Steves and Charles Dickens
2 December, Teatro ARMIDA: GLI EROI DEL NATALE animated film by Timothy Reckart.


from 26 December to 6 January, Borgo di Priora