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How long does it take to get to Capri from the Naples port?
By high-speed ferry, about an hour; by speedboat, 40 minutes.
If my hotel is located in a pedestrian area, how can I arrange a transfer?
Where possible, transfers are provided by taxi. However, many hotels in the center of Capri and Anacapri are in pedestrian areas, so the final let must be completed on foot. Your luggage will be transported directly to your hotel.
What time does the last ferry to Capri depart?
From June to September the final ferry from Naples to Capri departs at 9:00pm. The remaining months of the year, the last ferry departs at 7:00pm. If you are arriving in late evening, you will have to book a private transfer by speedboat, or spend the night on the mainland.
My flight lands in the late afternoon. How can I be sure to catch the last ferry?
Generally, you need to allow for at least an hour between your flight arrival time at the Naples airport and the ferry departure time for Capri; in normal traffic conditions, the drive between the Naples airport and Molo Beverello is 30 minutes. From the Rome airport to Naples, allow for at least 3 hours by car. Remember that the baggage reclaim at Fiumicino is notoriously slow.
What happens in case of rough seas?
If seas are so rough that boat crossings are suspended, our partners will advise you as soon as possible and help you find accommodations on the mainland; your transfer will be moved to the next day. It is extremely rare that crossings are suspended between April and October, as the sea conditions are generally calm during those months.
Do I need to book my ferry ticket myself?
No, ferry tickets are included in the price of the transfer and will be provided by your driver, who will take you directly to the pier.

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Crowds, connections, delays: getting from Rome to Sorrento by public transportation can be exhausting!

The trip from Rome to Sorrento can be long and complicated: take into account that it will take at least 4 hours from when your flight lands, if you are lucky with all your connections.

You cannot purchase train tickets in advance, as your flight may be delayed into Rome making you miss your connection at Rome Termini train station. Trains from Naples to Sorrento cannot be booked in advance.

From Rome Fiumicino, you have to take the shuttle train to Rome Termini, then the high-speed train to Naples, connect at Naples to the Circumvesuviana train that departs from the underground platforms, and proceed to Sorrento

The Circumvesuviana Naples - Sorrento line is always very crowded, often standing room only, and without luggage storage space or air conditioning. In addition, the Naples Piazza Garibaldi station is chaotic and pickpocketing is common.

Booking a private transfer to Sorrento is the only option if your flight lands in the late afternoon or evening, as the final trains to Sorrento depart at 9pm.

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With public transportation: total cost of ticket is about €60/person and the trip takes 4-5 hours.


With a private transfer including sedan or minivan with driver and luggage transport from the airport to your hotel, consider a cost of around €450 and a trip time of 3-4 hours.

If you were planning on visiting the ruins of Pompeii, consider booking a transfer than includes a stop at the archaeological site to make the most of your time!
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Why do you suggest booking a private transfer rather than renting a car?
Driving around Naples and the Amalfi Coast is not a simple endeavor for those who are not used to narrow, curving roads with heavy traffic. A car is also not helpful for exploring the area, as traffic is heavy and there is limited parking.
Will the driver wait if my flight is delayed?
Yes, the driver will have your flight number and will keep track of any delays to wait for you upon arrival.
Do the drivers speak English?
All the car service companies vetted by employ drivers who are English-speakers, and often other languages.
If I am arriving from Rome, is it better to book a transfer from there or take the high-speed train from Rome to Naples and a transfer from Naples?
If you are landing at the Rome airport, we suggest a private transfer directly from the airport to avoid having to connect at the main Rome Termini station. If you are already in the center of Rome, it makes sense to take a high-speed train to Naples and book a private transfer from the Naples train station to the Amalfi Coast. If you book your ticket in advance, you can take advantage of discounted prices.
Can I combine a transfer with a tour?
Yes, you can book a transfer from Rome or Naples to Sorrento that includes a stop at Pompeii, Herculaneum, or Mount Vesuvius.

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caprionline Great experience and highly recommended! We took a transfer from Rome to Sorrento and were incredibly satisfied with the service...our driver not only helped us with our bags and picked us up right on time, but was also super-friendly during the trip and told us all about Sorrento. He even gave us some tips on where to eat and what to see during our vacation! Angie L.
caprionline I would definitely book this transfer from the Rome airport to Sorrento again in the future. Our flight was late and we were worried, but our driver was right there and already knew about the delays...a sight for sore eyes. The car was clean and air conditioned, the drive was relaxing, and we were dropped directly at our hotel. Eva P.
caprionline We booked the Rome-Sorrento transfer with the optional stop in Pompeii, and were so glad we did. The driver was lovely...he waited for us and watched our bags in the parking area near the ruins so we could visit without worrying. After we left Pompeii, we hopped back in the cool car and continued on to Sorrento, having checked Pompeii off our list. Dereck B.
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