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Sorrento, Italy is a coastal town about 50 kilometers south of Naples. The entire town is perched on the cliffs formed by volcanic rock right above the Mediterranean Sea.


When is the best time of the year to visit Sorrento, Italy?

The best months for visiting Sorrento are April/May and September/October, when the weather is mild enough to enjoy the town, nearby walks, and daytrips along the Italian coast.
Sorrento is pleasant during the summer (June, July, and August), but the heat makes day tripping to the surrounding coast more uncomfortable. It's better to arrange a boat tour, spend the days on the beach, and explore the town during the cooler evening hours. December is also a lovely time to visit Sorrento, when the city center is decorated for the holidays and there are a number of festive events planned.
It's best to avoid visiting during late January and the month of February, though Sorrento remains much more active during the winter months than the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri. For more information about when to visit Sorrento, read our article here.

How Long Should I Stay in Sorrento?

Sorrento is a small town, but there are a number of things to see and do. This one-day itinerary will give you a feel for the historic center, but plan to stay at least one night if you want to have time to visit the museums, shop the boutiques, and take advantage of the town's strategic position for day trips to Pompeii, Naples, or the Amalfi Coast.
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Where is the best area of Sorrento to book a hotel?

Sorrento is a small town, and easy to explore on foot. The center is concentrated around Piazza Tasso, where the streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and cafés. A short distance away, there is the port, train station, and bus station. If you are planning a number of day trips along the coast, we suggest booking a hotel near Piazza Tasso, so you can take advantage of the proximity to the city sights and nightlife. If you are hoping for a more relaxing vacation or a room with a view, opt for the area of Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense along Via del Capo. Here the hotels have a spectacular view and most offer a shuttle service to and from the center of town.
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Can you get around Sorrento with a stroller or pram, or with a wheelchair?

Unlike the other towns along the Amalfi Coast, the center of Sorrento is flat and relatively easy to navigate with wheels. To reach the port (which is linked to the center by a long staircase), take the elevator from the Villa Comunale.


Which is the closest airport to Sorrento, Italy?

There is no airport in Sorrento. The closest airport to Sorrento is Naples Capodichino Airport, and there are direct airport shuttle buses that run between the city and the airport. If you are travelling through Rome, you can take the express train to Naples (1h 10m), and from there take another train or car to reach Sorrento in about an hour.
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What is the most convenient way to reach Sorrento from Naples?

From the Naples airport, the Curreri bus runs directly to Sorrento in about an hour. The local Circumvesuviana train between Naples and Sorrento departs from the main Piazza Garibaldi station in Naples. If you prefer to arrive by sea, take metro line 1 from the train station to the Beverello pier (about a five-minute walk from the metro stop), and catch a ferry for Sorrento.. For those arriving in Piazza Garibaldi with numerous or heavy bags, we recommend booking a private transfer by car.
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What is the most convenient way to travel around?

If you have some experience, renting a scooter is a great idea for travelling the coast. Otherwise, the area is well-served by public transportation.

Is there free parking in Sorrento?

No, there is only paid parking in Sorrento. It costs €2/hour or €24/day. If you are travelling to Sorrento by car, we recommend booking a hotel with free or discount parking included.


Are there vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Sorrento?

There is only one small restaurant in Sorrento which is exclusively vegetarian: Mondo Bio, located between Piazza Tasso and Via degli Aranci. That said, all restaurants in Sorrento offer a number of vegetarian options, including traditional dishes like gnocchi alla Sorrentina, eggplant parmesan, and linguine alla Nerano. Vegans can always order pasta with tomato sauce and seasonal grilled vegetables, which are standards on any menu.
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Are there ethnic restaurants in Sorrento?

No, there are only Italian restaurants in Sorrento. There are a few kebab stands, and some pubs offer English dishes.

I usually have dinner early. Are any restaurants open at 6 pm?

Most restaurants begin seating for dinner at 8 pm, but during the summer months there are a number of restaurants that serve all day long, so you can eat anytime.

Where can I try the best pizza in Sorrento?

There are a number of excellent pizzerias here, so the best is a matter of personal preference and taste. We consider Basilico and Bouganville the best pizza in Sorrento.
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Tourist office addresses

Sorrento - Sant'Agnello

A.A.C.S.T.(Azienda Autonoma di Cura Soggiorno e Turismo)
Via Luigi De Maio, 35 - 80067 - Sorrento (NA)
Tel.: +39 081 8074033 - FAX: +39 081 8773397